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Bellavita Bath Lift

£385.00 (ex VAT)

Elevate your bathing experience with the Bellavita Bath Lift, exclusively handpicked and offered by Rapid Mobility, the pinnacle of mobility solutions. Crafted for opulent convenience, this pristine mobility marvel combines cutting-edge design with supreme functionality. Its feather-light construction, advanced battery system, and whisper-quiet operation set it apart. Elevate your daily rituals with effortless grace.

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Introducing the Bellavita Bath Lift: A Refined Elevation in Bathing Luxury

At Rapid Mobility, we redefine your mobility experience, and our crowning jewel, the Bellavita Bath Lift, embodies the epitome of sophistication and innovation. Handpicked to exceed your expectations, this pristine mobility solution is crafted with precision and care, ensuring your daily bathing ritual is transformed into a luxurious and effortless experience.

Precision Engineering for Effortless Elevation Weighing a mere 9.3 kilograms, the Bellavita Bath Lift is the embodiment of lightweight sophistication. Its svelte dimensions, measuring 83 cm in height and 32 cm in depth, provide seamless integration into your bath. Step into an oasis of comfort as it gently lowers you into the soothing waters, designed to elevate your bathing experience.

Unmatched Power and Battery Expertise The Bellavita Bath Lift is powered by a cutting-edge battery system, setting the benchmark for reliability and convenience. Its lithium-ion battery, with an impressive voltage of 12V, ensures consistent performance. Moreover, it can be effortlessly recharged and is compatible with a range of batteries, offering the ultimate in flexibility.

Soothing Stability with Precision-Made Wheels Equipped with meticulously crafted wheels, this mobility masterpiece glides effortlessly over any surface. The high-quality, large wheels ensure a smooth, secure ride, ensuring a spa-like experience without leaving your home. Whether you have a sleek tiled bathroom or a luxurious marble finish, the Bellavita Bath Lift promises optimal traction and a sensation of floating on air.

Whisper-Quiet, Powerful Motor The Bellavita Bath Lift boasts an elite whisper-quiet motor, reminiscent of the sophistication found in luxury vehicles. Its silent yet powerful operation is a testament to its engineering excellence. Relish the tranquility and indulgence as you gracefully descend into the bath, setting a new standard for mobility devices.

Extended Range for Uninterrupted Pleasure Experience unrivaled freedom with the Bellavita Bath Lift’s extended range. On a full charge, it offers an impressive 7-mile range, ensuring you can savor multiple bathing sessions without the need for frequent recharging. This uninterrupted pleasure lets you bask in the opulence of your bath without interruption.

Crafted for Kings and Queens The Bellavita Bath Lift is designed for discerning individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Its minimalist, sleek silhouette exudes timeless elegance, while its advanced features cater to the needs of those who demand nothing but the best. It’s a mobility solution worthy of royalty.

Remarkable Weight Capacity Built to cater to a wide spectrum of individuals, the Bellavita Bath Lift supports a substantial weight capacity of up to 140 kilograms. This remarkable capability ensures that almost anyone can revel in the sumptuous bath experience it provides.

In conclusion, the Bellavita Bath Lift, exclusively available through Rapid Mobility, is the epitome of elegance and innovation in the world of mobility solutions. Its precise engineering, advanced battery system, whisper-quiet motor, extended range, and remarkable weight capacity make it a must-have for those who demand the best. Elevate your bathing ritual to a new level of luxury with the Bellavita Bath Lift. Experience the pinnacle of mobility, sophistication, and convenience – only from Rapid Mobility. Order now and relish the ultimate in bathing luxury.


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