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VAT Exemption

What is VAT Exemption?

VAT (Value Added Tax) Exemption is a provision that allows certain individuals and organizations to be exempt from paying VAT on specific goods and services. This exemption aims to reduce the financial burden on individuals with disabilities and eligible charities.

Meaning of VAT Exemption:

When a purchase falls under VAT Exemption, it means that the buyer can exclude VAT from the total cost of the goods or services. This can significantly reduce the overall price, making essential items more affordable for those who qualify for the exemption.

Who is Eligible for VAT Exemption?

1. Individuals with Disabilities:
– People with long-term illnesses or disabilities may be eligible for VAT Exemption on products designed or adapted for their use. (Learn more about VAT relief for disabled people).

2. Charities:
– Registered charities may qualify for VAT Exemption on certain goods and services used for charitable purposes. (Find out about VAT reliefs for charities)

How to Apply for VAT Exemption:

Individuals and organizations eligible for VAT Exemption need to declare their eligibility when making a purchase. This often involves filling out a declaration form or providing relevant information to the seller.

For more detailed information about VAT Exemption, including eligibility criteria, application processes, and specific reliefs, visit the official Direct Gov website.

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